Fire Panel Signal Actions

Actions To Take When A Signal Is Received



Use the acknowledge button/switch to acknowledge alarm, trouble or supervisory conditions. The steps and details may differ in every fire alarm system


Alarm Silence

The alarm silence button/switch is used to silence the building audible devices while the source of alarm is being investigated. Never reset the fire alarm system until FDNY says to. Silences the audibles makes communication easier while responding to an alarm.


System Reset

A system reset is required to clear a fire alarm. Depending on fire system this may be done in different ways. The reset button/switch resets the fire system after an alarm condition has been cleared. The devices that initiated the alarm has to be reset to normal before activating the rest button/switch, or the system will go back into alarm.

After a fire alarm is reset, the fan usually requires restarting from a separate “fan restart” button or key switch.